Nattokinaza – the ally of your heart

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality, both among women and men worldwide. Lack of exercise, stress, an inadequate diet, too rich in saturated fat, refined sugar and too low in fiber are the main causes of these diseases. If we add to the list of external factors excessive pollution and smoking, we have a complete picture.

It is true that modern medicine comes with life-saving solutions to any problem. Blood cholesterol lowering drugs, blood thinning or blood pressure lowering medications, surgery that cleanse the arteries – all can be a significant support in prolonging a patient’s life. But none of these solutions are free of side effects or risks.

Our body produces more than 20 different enzymes, responsible for blood clotting, if necessary. But only one enzyme – plasmin – is produced to dissolve blood clots. As we grow older, plasma production decreases and, further, fibrinogen production – a protein responsible for blood clots formation.

To benefit from a healthy cardio-vascular system, the best solution is to maintain a balanced lifestyle and use dietary supplements to support and improve the activity of the circulatory system. We know how a balanced and low-fat diet, regular exercise and quitting smoking can ensure the absence of unwanted cardio-vascular events. But what else can we do?

The medical discoveries of the last years offer us new possibilities. This is the case of the super-enzyme that dissolves blood clots, discovered by Japanese doctor Hiroyuki Sumi, from the University of Chicago. After several years of research in the field, the doctor observed that the enzyme present in Natto – a kind of cheese made of soy, specifically Japanese – was able to completely dissolve a blood clot. He called the enzyme discovered Nattokinase, which means – the natto enzyme.

Nattokinase helps the body develop a strong ability to dissolve blood clots that can cause a heart attack or stroke. Nattokinase normalizes blood pressure, prevents the appearance of blood clots by stimulating the production of plasma and other agents with the same role – such as urokinase – and dissolves fibrin.

Sanience has created AspiVita100 – the product containing Nattokinase 100mg – a natural alternative, without side effects, to maintain the health of the circulatory system.