Hair, nails and skin care

External appearance – our business card.

The chaotic lifestyle, inadequate nutrition and daily stress affect our health and, implicitly, our outward appearance. Lack of hydration, minerals and vitamins in the body along with external factors lead to shiny hair, brittle nails and skin without elasticity.

Skin health
External factors, such as sun exposure or smoking, accelerate the natural process and cause premature skin aging.

Skin aging is a continuous process that begins after the age of 20. Collagen production and the rate of formation of new cells gradually decrease. The skin becomes thinner, dries, loses its firmness and gives way to gravity.

Causes of hair loss
Normally, you can lose between 30 and 100 threads a day, especially in autumn and winter. Iron deficiency increases the sensitivity of the hair to factors that inhibit its growth. Zinc is recommended because it helps protect cells from oxidative stress and normal protein synthesis.

Thermal or chemical treatments (dyeing, discoloration or permanent waving) damage the hair resulting in hair loss through tearing.

Beautiful nails
Nails are an indicator of our health. They weaken and change their appearance when we get sick or when the body lacks vitamins.

To have beautiful nails a balanced diet is necessary to provide the necessary intake of minerals and useful vitamins such as Biotin (Vitamin H).

Beauty Caps has a Swiss formula, specially developed for the care of hair, nails and skin, which offers a complex combination of bioactive factors: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural extracts.

  • Playing and maintaining the natural glow of the hair and its resistance to stress factors;
  • Maintenance of the health and appearance of the nails;
  • Maintaining firmness and normal pigmentation of the skin.

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