Against diarrheal episodes in children

Although we would like to protect them from any danger, it can sometimes happen that we do not succeed. Children have an active life full of unexpected meetings, playing with other children, exploring the world around them. Their immune system is still in training. Therefore, it can sometimes happen that viruses, bacteria or parasites reach the gastrointestinal tract of the child, and cause more or less severe diarrheal episodes.

In fact, diarrhea is the natural response of the body trying to eliminate “uninvited” germs. Normally, these diarrheal episodes can last a few days or even a week. Diarrhea often appears with vomiting, nausea, abdominal discomfort and dehydration. Therefore, the first reaction should be to rehydrate the body using an oral rehydration solution, rehydration salts or other slow rehydration methods to provide the body’s sodium, potassium and nutrient source.

Another cause of diarrheal episodes may be the administration of drugs, including antibiotics. In order to stop the diarrhea, in this case, it is recommended to support the internal bacterial microflora, in the fight with the germs that have arrived in the body and rehydration, by the methods mentioned above.

To maintain a healthy internal bacterial flora, make sure you give your child a diet rich in probiotics and prebiotics. The greater the diversity of probiotics and bacterial cultures beneficial to the body, the healthier the gastrointestinal tract will be ready to defend itself against infections and viruses in the future.

To prevent diarrhea, in children, consult a doctor in case of antibiotic treatment and ask for a prebiotic, in conjunction with the prescribed antibiotic. Or choose one that you personally trust. Sanience recommends Cymbio ECOL.

Double power in the fight against viruses, thanks to the synergistic action of two types of probiotics (lactic cultures and Saccharomyces) and prebiotic fibers.