Antibiotic administration in children with chewable cymbio

The care you give your child manifests every time you are with him. But the most difficult times are when the need for an antibiotic appears. You would like to protect and support him in the fight his immune system is leading, but sometimes the treatment prescribed by the specialist doctor must be followed.

Administering antibiotics to a child is difficult, especially because it makes you think that you will disturb the proper functioning of his or her digestive system. You will thus harm your child’s immunity and some digestive disorders or digestive discomfort may occur. In some cases, the child may also develop mouth sores. Soft stools may appear which can lead to diaper dermatitis, to babies. For these reasons, antibiotics should be given properly when needed.

The microbial flora of the healthy oral cavity plays a particularly important role. First, the mouth is part of the digestive system. It is connected to the immune system and ensures the protection of the body through a series of reflex processes or preventive processes.

Sanience offers you a simple and effective solution to maintain the health of your child.

Cymbio masticabile is a product that contains a unique combination of natural probiotic strains and prebiotic fibers that help maintain a healthy oral microflora. In addition, it has a delicious vanilla taste, which your child will adore!