The healthiest diets in the world

Of all the eating habits of the world, the Norwegian, Mediterranean, French and Japanese habits are highlighted by a characteristic component, having demonstrated beneficial effects on the cardiovascular health and of the body as a whole.


The Norwegian diet

The Norwegian diet is representative of the content of ethyl esters of EPA and DHA, essential in maintaining the health of the blood vessels and in the normal functioning of the heart. Residents in the northern regions, where fish consumption is significant, have lower plasma triglyceride and bad cholesterol (LDL) concentrations.

The French diet

The French diet, due to its grape seed extract content, rich in polyphenols, including the well-known resveratrol, has a protective role on the arterial walls and helps maintain normal blood pressure. Resveratrol antagonizes the harmful effects of ‘bad’ cholesterol and triglycerides. The famous French paradox is well known: Although there is a high consumption of saturated fat in France, the risk of cardiovascular disease is lower, a fact attributed to polyphenols in red wine.

The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet, by the presence of hydroxytirosol in the concentrated olive oil (antioxidant soluble in both water and fat), contributes to the neutralization of free radicals that can cause cell membrane destruction.

The Japanese diet

The Japanese diet is noted for its high vitamin K2-MK7 content, which is found in abundance in the traditional ‘natto’ preparation – proven by clinical studies to be essential for the cardiovascular system. Vitamin K2-MK7 limits the calcification tendency of the vascular walls and directs calcium to the bone system, where it is needed.

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